Vintage Instruments Total Catalog: Comprised of the Following Categories

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Slide Rules: The largest variety of slide rules available for sale anywhere. New and used. For collectors and users.
Drafting Instruments: Many types. Both beautiful modern and antique instruments, for collectors and users.
Small Mechanical Calculators: Hand-held and desk-top.
Planimeters and Integrators: Modern instruments for regular use. Antique models for collectors.
Aviation Rules: Slide-rule-type instruments for navigation.
Selectors and Calculators, Slide Rule Type: Cardboard and plastic devices for many specialized applications.
Books and Manuals: For all of the above six categories.
Other Science Items: Some very interesting, unusual items
Musical Wind Instruments: Woodwinds and brasses, mainly collectable.
Books and Catalogs Related to Musical Instruments and Music: For both players and collectors.